... I just yoinked this from an old RP and made a few tweaks, since it almost all still fits. ;P

Alt-Mod Type/Description:

Martini Racing Porsche 935 Turbo. Why Teletraan-1 thought that a race car that never even had a street-legal version would be a good disguise, we may never know...


Average height and build; in root mode black is added to his predominantly white paintjob. While not overly fastidious, he takes care to maintain himself and is rarely seen looking battered or dirty. A visor conceals his optics and of course adds just the right hint of flash. His movements have an odd, compact sort of grace that comes from thoroughly living in his chassis.

Affiliation: Autobots

Character Background:

City of Origin: Iacon


Jazz has no shortage of friends; his personality ensures that other people are drawn to him. He’s had lovers and a few actual relationships in the past, but is presently on his own, occasionally taking someone to his berth if he meets an appealing mech or femme. His creator was a rather Bohemian sort and after Jazz reached his majority they parted amicably enough; Jazz hasn’t seen his creator since. Jazz has kept an eye out since refugees have begun pouring into Iacon, but hasn’t seen him and has more-or-less assumed he’s not going to.


Friendly, cheerful, and gregarious, nothing keeps Jazz down for long. He genuinely enjoys life and people and is interested in just about everything. Has an empathetic streak and tends to be emotional.

How did they come to join the Autobots:

His talent for getting into and out of places he wasn’t supposed to be - and incidentally finding out information he wasn’t supposed to know - attracted the attention of Iacon’s security force. Jazz was brought in and offered two options - incarceration, or joining the newly-formed undercover division.

In-Depth Character History:

After his creator went his own way, Jazz stayed on the riverfront where he was raised; the neighborhood was interesting and entertaining - if a little too seedy to be truly hip - with its nightclubs, oil bars, galleries and colorful residents. He picked up work in one of the clubs, playing its nightly soundtracks. Times were often a bit tight, and Jazz eventually learned how to help himself to other people’s credits - and other assorted property - without their noticing. He picked one pocket too many - or perhaps finally picked the right pocket - when he encountered a few of the Autobot brass and figured they could spare (quite a) few credits.


Strength: 5

Intelligence: 9

Speed: 7

Endurance: 7

Rank: 8

Courage: 9

Firepower: 5

Skill: 10

Fighting Ability:

Melee: Not being overly gifted with physical strength, Jazz relies on skill and speed in physical confrontations. It helps that he tends to be small compared to your typical melee fighter - as long as he doesn’t let his opponent get a grip on him, he usually manages to get out of it (mostly) unscathed.

Ranged Weapons: Photon rifle, shoulder-mounted flame thrower/rocket launcher

Other: Beacons and 180 dB speakers

Specialized Abilities:

Uses aforementioned beacon/speaker combo to create his own “nightclub effect” which disorients opponents - depending on the opponent’s optical and audio sensitivity it can occasionally knock them offline.

Near-perfect accuracy with his rifle and can hit his target from whatever position he may be in.

More than the usual share of versatility, daring and, some mechs believe, luck.

Limitations on Ability: Has been known to blow out his speakers at the worst possible time. He can be distracted by the right bait.


Often has difficulty with the emotional detachment required in black ops; every time he’s lost a teammate has been a personal blow.

How badly does it affect the character?

His attachments cause him to expend far more effort than he should in trying to keep his operatives as safe as possible.


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